August Torsilieri is a professional equestrian with a degree in music performance from Cairn University in Philadelphia PA. Based in East Amwell NJ (summer) and Pittstown NJ (winter), he is a current competitor at all the top level shows on the East Coast. With an emphasis on hunters and jumpers, August has created a successful team of competitive horses and riders in the show ring. The results are the product of dedication to the fundamentals of classical riding, good horsemanship, and careful development of young horses. 

As a young equestrian, August realized his natural ability and love of working with young horses. He achieved his Traditional A Pony Club Certificate and his B Pony Club Rating with the Show Jumping Track. August  has set goals to work towards competing at top levels, National Grand Prix, and international competition. August has ridden and trained with Laura Chapot, Cherie Gaeble, Jean Paul Murat, and is currently training with Nona Garson. 

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